Expanding your scope (Recon automation #2)

After we have gathered subdomains from various sources and by using some cool techniques, we proceed to our next step. Part #1 –A More Advanced Recon Automation #1 (Subdomains) Port scanning Yes I know, I […] Read More

A More Advanced Recon Automation #1 (Subdomains)

So you want to step up your recon game huh?Then you are at the right place. Recon automation can be really use full and if done right, it can save you lots of time. For […] Read More

How I discovered 1500+ test accounts

TL;DR  By using the search function in the mail with an empty search string, I retrieved all the usernames, for which I then checked if the password is the same as the username. By filtering […] Read More

RCE by uploading a web.config

TL;DR By uploading a web.config I was able to bypass the blacklist, which blocks files with an executable extension (such as ‘.asp’ and ‘.aspx’). After setting execution rights to ‘.config’ and then adding asp code […] Read More

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